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Formed in 1975 by two master machinist, and automotive specialist. Dove is a quality manufacturer of screw machine products, machine castings, high performance automotive components, and compressed gas fittings.

Equipped to produce from 1 to 10 million parts, Dove is large enough to serve any customer's needs, but small enough to serve a customer in a friendly individual manner.

With its own tool room Dove cannot only produce accurate tools and fixtures, but can also insure a customer that tooling time will be cut to an absolute minimum. So by doing this Dove can allow faster delivery and lower tooling cost.

In addition to fast tooling services, Dove is known for delivering orders quickly. In a few cases, one day delivery has been accomplished when customers had an immediate need for parts. Even under normal circumstances, customers have come to understand that Dove meets production deadlines and helps keep production lines moving on schedule.

Quality products, individual attention, inspection standards, a full range of services and on time delivery make Dove Manufacturing the supplier the customer can count on for any screw part orders.

Contact Dove and discover a supplier dedicated to service and quality.


Every Dove part or product is produced by a skilled machinist on modern machinery. Since Dove makes its own tools and fixtures, customers can be assured of consistent tolerances and quality.

When required, Dove works to precise military specifications. Depending on a customers specification, Dove's machinist will employ a standard sampling part inspection or a 100% inspection for parts that require unusual close tolerances. Often Dove's tolerances exceed customer specifications.

Whether a customer buys screw machine products, machine castings, high performance automotive components, or compressed gas fittings, they can be assured that Dove products are quality products.


Dove is known throughout the United States for it comprehensive line of valve train components for the high performance automotive market.

Produced to Doves consistent standard of excellence, these parts include everything from fasteners to water pumps, cylinder heads, and a large range of components parts, as well as threaded stud kits for high performance engines.


Dove produces a complete line of compressed gas and hydraulic fittings manufactured to the specifications of the COMPRESSED GAS ASSOCIATION.

In any quantity of up to over a million pieces, Dove fittings are available in standard type and sizes or can be custom manufactured to a customers own specifications.




Design Engineering

Prototype Machining

Machine Casting & Checking

Heat Treating

Metal Casting


In addition to being a manufacturer, Dove offers engineering services to other users of screw machines. This service can reduce cycle time and increase dependability when helping a customer dedicate a screw machine to a specific product. The engineering staff will move a customers screw machine to Dove's plant, engineer the machine for production requirements, produce tooling and fixtures, machine proof pieces and return the machine to the customer ready to start immediate production.

Companies using Dove's engineering service have eliminated the problems of machine tool-up, greatly reduced cycle time, and increased the dependability of their screw machine products.


Dove ships parts to its customers using the fastest or the most inexpensive method available. Local customers can utilize Dove's truck or can pickup shipments, depending on size and weight. Dove uses United Parcel Service, Bus or common carriers. Regardless on how Dove ships, customers can expect parts delivered on-time.


Multiple Spindle Capacity And Bar Work from Less than 1/8" to 5 1/4"

Single Spindle Capacity from 1/8" to 3-1/2"


Centerless Grinding

Chucking Part Swing up to 16"

Milling Full Range Capacity

Bar Work Up To 5 1/4"

Complete Tool Room for tooling and Start-Up Fixtures