We Use Ford's Original Combustion Chamber Tool And Align Bore Fixture Plus we have Ford's Original Blueprints-These Parts are as Authentic as the ORIGINALS After aquiring Fords original tooling in 1979 the first limited production runs started in 1981. Due to the amount of original Ford pieces available at the time,the demand for aftrmarket parts was minimal except for a few racers who wanted solid or billet heads for extreme port work. Now for the last decade with the nastalga and collector markets growing, intrest in the SOHC has reached an all time high. And with supplies for all the original components drying up we've had to gear up to produce and aquire all the odds & ends to actually put a Cammer together. We are now your One Stop Source for everything from main castings to cams and chains to nuts & bolts.So if you need anything from a spark plug tube to a complete turnkey engine THIS IS THE PLACE!