SOHC Specific Aluminum Block

No lifter holes, Dry Valley, Solid Cam Bores 3-5


Ford Project #RX-402

Cast and machined at Dove MFG.

This is the Ford Sk-42157 Can-Am block from the 1968 Tunnel Port Can-Am Engine project #RX-402. It is from the original tooling and uses the original fixtures for the Crank location. This is the real thing. The Cylinders sleeves are made in house from centrifugally cast ductile iron. Optional Iron Main Caps are also made from ductile iron All fasteners are from Chrome Moly Steel. Cast In The The Dove FE Engine Foundry from Prime A-356 Aluminum Alloy Ingot. NO REMELT!!!!

This is the original. This is THE FORD 427 aluminum block. Not a converted CHRYSLER or a well intentioned effort by a F.E. fan without a manufacturing background. Machined to the original FORD blueprints on state of the art American Equipment by Americans. The castings are made in the DOVE FE Engine FOUNDRY from certified PRIME 356 ALUMINUM. The MAIN BORES are aligned bored all the way through using the original fixture to insure accurate location and alignment. Other Manufacture's try to bore there blocks 1/2 way from both ends to cut labor cost. This does not work well and creates a nightmare of alignment-location problems. Racers report great main bearing life & performance from our block.

This Engine Block Is For A SOHC Build Only. No Lifter Holes, Dry Valley,

Solid Cam Bores 3-5.