Dove Vs The Competition

The test engine was a 428 CJ equipped with DOVE Canadian CJ Heads, 9.2 to 1 compression ratio, competition cams 294-S Cam, 725 CFM Holley Carb, DOVE HD Rocker Arm Assembly and DOVE Push Rods.

The first test was done with a New Name Brand, Popular Intake Manifold. Our first horse power figures were so disappointing, that we thought something was wrong with the engine. We degreed the cam in again and found that it was OK. Then, we checked the timing mark on the dampener and found nothing. Next, we did a leak down test and it was within specification.

At this point, we ran the engine again. The results were not exciting. It produced 332 corrected horsepower at 6000 RPM. We then changed the manifold to the DOVE Single Plane 1-4V Medium Riser Manifold.

This time, we went right to 6000 RPM. The results were astounding. The DOVE Manifold produced a Whopping 505 corrected horsepower. That is a gain of 173 horsepower!!

You may ask what about low RPM torque. The DOVE manifold started to out torque the Competition before 3000 RPM.

Now, if you are working with a high performance engine, performance below 3000 RPM is not a factor.