For The Ford F.E.

Super Heavy Duty Rocker System


This system uses 4 short and smaller Dia. shafts instead of the standard long shaft. It also attaches to all 5 Head bolts as well as the standard 4 attaching points, making it a total of 9 hold down points. The shafts are smaller in Dia. than stock to allow for a much stronger rocker arm to be used. This patented system uses a bridge assembly over the top of each pair of rockers. One pair can be removed at a time to service one cylinder or the complete assembly can be removed as one unit. The Super Heavy Duty Rocker System is the most stable and accurate valve control system ever. Oil is still provided from the original source so no need to oil through the push rods; saving precious weight in the valve train. NO MODIFICATIONS ARE NEEDED TO THE HEAD FOR THIS SYSTEM'S INSTALLATION OR USE. So, if you are looking at big lift & spring pressure or just want the best unit money can buy, this is it.

Custom Applications Available upon Request.